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Corporate yoga


Yoga is a fantastic way to encourage the health and well-being of your employees as it can help to relieve stress, unwind and relax.  Happy staff equates to increased productivity!

I can offer classes online or face to face that can be tailored to suit the needs of the employees working at your company.

Please get in contact if you require more information about what yoga can bring to your company.

Lessons might include:

  • 15-minute stretch and tone sessions that employees can do before work or during the day to improve energy levels and motivation
  • Mindfulness sessions to foster good mental health
  • Restorative yoga - a slower paced class focusing on deep muscle stretching and relaxation that balances the nervous system, releases tension and stills a busy mind.


I have been really enjoying the extended yoga sessions. It’s the first time in a long time I have unrolled my mat and had an opportunity to do some yoga. I am really enjoying how Jenny is building up the flow with each session and also really enjoying the postures and moves. I think this whole experience has taught us so much about what is possible remotely.

Thank you for bringing yoga to us every day! I am finding it enjoyable and the Tuesday and Thursday evening sessions help structure my week.
Carmel, ESRI

Thank you for you great classes and virtual company during the lockdown. I’ve loved them. You’ve really helped me get more flexible and keep relatively sane! I’ve enjoyed your clear instruction and learning new postures such as cow face and tricky cat which I’m going to keep doing as they are helping my back and aging body
Emma, ESRI