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My name is Jenny and welcome to Total Yoga.

I have been practising yoga for over ten years. I originally started yoga to stretch and relax tired muscles after long distance running. However, over time it has helped me to become both physically and mentally stronger - strengthening muscles that I never knew I had, to teaching me how to stay calm and focused in challenging situations.

Yoga has helped me stay fit and healthy throughout both my pregnancies and recover quickly after giving birth.

I have used my yoga experience in my job as a primary school teacher, as part of PE lessons but also to help children who struggle with anxiety and low self-esteem. The children I have taught love yoga as much as I do!

After the birth of my first child I trained to become a yoga teacher as I wanted others to experience the benefits of yoga but in a fun and relaxed way - I don’t take myself too seriously.

The yoga I teach is for everyone. I want people to have fun in a friendly atmosphere, learn something new, challenge themselves and go home feeling great!
I hope you enjoy the website,

Benefits of my yoga classes:

Physical benefits:

  • Stretches and relaxes tired muscles
  • Builds and strengthens muscle
  • Protects bones and joints, in particular the spine and hip areas that can help reduce back pain
  • Realigns the skeleton
  • Can help maintain a healthy weight

Mental benefits:

  • Deep breathing helps you enter a more relaxed state
  • Can increase mental function and concentration
  • Increases a feeling of energy while also feeling less anxiety
  • Improves self-awareness and confidence.

My classes are friendly and fun, offering challenge and progression at all levels. Participants are free to join in at their own speed - no pressure. Just turn up, have fun, work out and go home feeling great!